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Yumizen G Range Reagents

【Screening tests allow the detection of coagulation abnormalities】

Hemostatic screening tests,Prothrombin Time (PT) and Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT), are frequently used to assess the bleeding risk, for example before an operation or an invasive procedure. These tests can detect coagulation abnormalities (with the exception of factor XIII deficiency) but are not suitable for primary hemostasis disorders.   

HORIBA Medical offers a new range of liquid, ready-to-use reagents for more accurate global screening tests:
•    Yumizen G PT Liq
•    Yumizen G APTT Liq 4

The Thrombin Time is a screening test to assess abnormalities of fibrinogen and to detect inhibitors against thrombin or fibrin.
•    Yumizen G TT, a human thrombin for perfect assessment of fibrin formation.

【Fibrin formation and degradation】
D-dimers is degradation products of fibrin, biomarker for activation of plasma coagulation and/or fibrinolysis.
Yumizen G DDi 2, the universal reagent, liquid & ready to use for semi-auto and full-auto systems.
Onboard stability of two weeks.

Venous Thromboembolism

An age-adjusted D-dimer cutoff combined with probability assessment ruled out the diagnosis of Pulmonary Embolism (PE) in emergency department patients with suspected PE. The D-dimer result should be interpreted according to the age-adjusted cutoff

  • In patients younger than 50 years, PE is excluded if D-dimer value < 500 micrograms/L.
  • In patients 50 years or older, PE is excluded if D-dimer value < age multiplied by 10.

Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC)

Elevated DDi implies the involvement of fibrinolysis secondary to coagulation activation, which is very interesting in the diagnosis of DIC. A normal level of D-dimer has excellent negative predictive value. Measurements of D-dimer levels is useful to monitor to capture the course of the disease. 

COVID patients

D-dimer is correlate with disease severity and a reliable prognostic biomarker for in-hospital mortality in patients admitted for COVID-19.

Thrombophilia is a disorder of haemostasis in which there is a tendency for the occurrence of thrombosis. This tendency can be inherited or acquired. HORIBA Medical offer a comprehensive range of screening assays for thrombophilia.

  • Protein S
  • Protein C
  • Antithrombin
  • Lupus anticoagulants:  DRVVT and APTT pathways

Diagnosis of Antiphospholipid Syndrome 

Antiphospholipid syndrome is defined by the presence of persistent antiphospholipid antibodies in patients with vascular thrombosis or pregnancy morbidity. HORIBA Medical offers the full range of reagents for the diagnosis of lupus anticoagulants by both the DRVVT and APTT pathways according to the international guidelines:

  • DVVtest® 10/ DVV Confirm® 5
  • Yumizen G APTT Liq 4 / Yumizen G APTT

 【Anticoagulant monitoring】

VKA therapy inhibits factors II, VII, IX, and X and causes a prolonged PT.

Monitoring of vitamin K anticoagulants (VKAs)

VKAs can prevent stroke or systemic embolization among patients with atrial fibrillation and can treat and prevent venous thromboembolism. The impact of VKAs on clotting is assessed via the International Normalized Ratio: INR = (PT patient/MNPT)ISI
HORIBA Medical offers a comprehensive range for monitoring of VKA therapy:

  • Yumizen G PT Liq 4: the universal reagent, liquid & ready to use for semi-auto and full-auto systems.
  • INR Kit: the unit test adapted to the needs of clinics and satellite laboratories working with whole blood and plasma.

Monitoring of heparins

Heparin is a commonly used medication in the treatment and prophylaxis of thromboembolic disorders effective for prevention and treatment of venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, for prevention of mural thrombosis after myocardial infarction and for treatment of patients with unstable angina. 

  • ACTICHROME Heparin Anti-Xa* is a specific, easy to use and fully automated test. Dedicated calibration curves for greater accuracy of your unfractionated heparin and low molecular weight heparin measurement. It is the solution of choice for UFH, LMWH testing.

*available soon

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  • Yumizen G Range Reagents
ReferenceProduct NameFormulationPackagingSystems
Screening Reagents 
1300036338Yumizen G PT 5Lyophilized5 x 5mlYumizen G1500-1550/G800/G400/G200
1300036373Yumizen G PT liq 4Liquid12 x 4mlYumizen G1500-1550/G800/G400/G200
1300036376Yumizen G PT Reco 10Lyophilized10 x 10mlYumizen G1500-1550/G800/G400/G200
1300036377Yumizen G APTT 4Lyophilized6 x 4mlYumizen G1500-1550/G800/G400/G200
1300036379Yumizen G APTT liq 2Liquid6 x 2mlYumizen G1500-1550/G800/G400/G200
1300036381Yumizen G APTT liq 4Liquid12 x 4mlYumizen G1500-1550/G800/G400/G200
1300036383Yumizen G FIB 2Lyophilized12 x 2mlYumizen G1500-1550/G800/G400/G200
1300036384Yumizen G FIB 5Lyophilized12 x 5mlYumizen G1500-1550/G800/G400/G200
1300036382Yumizen G TTLyophilized12 x 3mlYumizen G1500-1550/G800/G400/G200
1300036417Yumizen G INR kitLyophilized25 testsYumizen G100
1300081526ACTICLOT Protein S *Lyophilized4 x (1 mL + 1 mL)Yumizen G1500-1550/G800
1300081527ACTICLOT C *Lyophilized3 x (1.5 mL + 1.5 mL)Yumizen G1500-1550/G800
1300036390Yumizen G AT *Lyophilized4 x 3 mLYumizen G1500-1550/G800/G400/G200
1300081528ACTICHROME ATIII *Lyophilized6 x (2 + 2 + 5 mL)Yumizen G1500-1550/G800
1300079431DVVtest10 **Lyophilized10 x 2 mLYumizen G1500-1550/G800
1300079433DVVconfirm 5 **Lyophilized10 x 1 mLYumizen G1500-1550/G800
Fibrin Formation & Degradation  
1300036391Yumizen G DDi 2Liquid3 x 6.5mlYumizen G1500-1550/G800/G400/G200
Anticoagulant Therapy 
300081662ACTICHROME Heparin (Anti-FXa)Lyophilized4 x (5 + 5 + 5 mL)Yumizen G1500-1550/G800
Auxiliary Reagents 
1300036386Yumizen G CaCl2 4Liquid12 x 4mlYumizen G1500-1550/G800/G400/G200
1300036385Yumizen G IMIDAZOLLiquid12 x 15mlYumizen G1500-1550/G800/G400/G200
1300036418Yumizen G SORBLiquid12 x 15mlYumizen G1500-1550/G800
1300036420Yumizen G CLEANERLiquid4.5 LYumizen G1500-1550/G800
1300036421Yumizen G Clean SYSLiquid0.1 LYumizen G1500-1550/G800
Controls & Calibrators 
1300036412Yumizen G CTRL l & llLyophilized5 x 1ml (2x)Yumizen G1550/G800/G400/G200
1300036416Yumizen G CALLyophilized12 x 1mlYumizen G1550/G800/G400/G200
1300036414Yumizen G CTRL DDi I & IILyophilized5 x 1 mL (x2)Yumizen G1550/G800/G400/G200
1300079434LAtrol Abnormal Control Plasma **Lyophilized10 x 0.5 mLYumizen G1550/G800
1300079435LAtrol Normal Control Plasma **Lyophilized10 x 1 mLYumizen G1550/G800
1300081529Special Coagulation Control Normal *Lyophilized10 x 1 mLYumizen G1550/G800
1300081560Special Coagulation Control Abnormal *Lyophilized10 x 1 mLYumizen G1550/G800
1300081561Special Coagulation Calibrator PC/PS/AT *Lyophilized6 vialsYumizen G1550/G800
1300081563ACTICHROME Heparin UFH Control Set *Lyophilized5 x (1 mL + 1 mL)Yumizen G1550/G800
1300081564ACTICHROME Heparin LMWH Control Set *Lyophilized5 x (1 mL + 1 mL)Yumizen G1550/G800
1300081565ACTICHROME Heparin UFH Calibrator Set *Lyophilized2 x (5 vials 1 mL)Yumizen G1550/G800
1300081566ACTICHROME Heparin LMWH Calibrator Set *Lyophilized2 x (5 vials 1 mL)Yumizen G1550/G800
1300036425Yumizen G Cuvettes 2 x 500 cuvettesYumizen G1550/G800/G400/G200
1300039490Magnetic stirrers 10Yumizen G1550/G800/G400/G200
1300039292Yumizen G100 plunger pipette 20 μl 1Yumizen G100
1300039293Yumizen G100 plugged pipette 20 μl 1Yumizen G100
1300039294Yumizen G400 printer paper (1 roll) 1Yumizen G400
1300047687External Barcode Reader 1Yumizen G1550/G800/G400/G200
1300046575UPS 1Yumizen G1550/G800
1300046576Screen Arm Support 1Yumizen G1550/G800
1300083167Adaptor 18/24 1Yumizen G1550/G800
1300083168Adaptor 18/32 1Yumizen G1550/G800
1300071527Insert for sample rack 10Yumizen G1550/G800
1300062211Printer for Yumizen G200  1Yumizen G200

* Products will be soon available and proposed thanks to the partnership with Biomedica Diagnostics.
** Proposed in partnership with Biomedica Diagnostics