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G1 Advance Strips

Measure your glucose level:

  • Remove a test strips from the vial
  • Recap the vial immediately
  • With the printed side facing up, insert the test strips firmly into the test port of your monitor until it turns on automatically and beeps. The code, test strip & blood shaped symbol will appear.
  • Collect a drop of blood using a lancing device. Touch & hold the drop of blood to the side-edge of the test strip, where it meets the narrow channel (the reaction chamber).
  • After 5 seconds, result will appear on the display 

  • G1 Advance Strips

3 different pack sizes:

G1 Advance 25 Strips

Contains: 1 container 25 pcs Strips inside

G1 Advance 50 Strips

Contains: 2 containers Each having 25 pcs Strips inside

G1 Advance 100 Strips

Contains: 2 containers Each having 100 pcs Strips inside