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ABX Pentra 400 Reagents

From routine to specific tests

CE marked Liquid Chemistry, reagent range for ABX Pentra 400

Reagents which simplify your organization

  • A number of tests per cassette to meet your needs
  • Extended linearity and increased stability
  • Just one calibrator and two human controls four routine analysis
  • All specific protein calibrators in a liquid form


Enzymes and Substrates

  • 37 methods CE marked with applications for serum, plasma and urine
  • Fewer post-dilution due to increased linearity
  • Based on the latest research in Clinical Chemistry and complies with international recommendations (IFCC)


Specific proteins

  • 24 applications CE marked with applicatons for serum, plasma, whole blood or hemolysate (HbA1c), and urine (microalbumin)
  • Standardised and in compliance with international recommendations
    • Most specific proteins are standardised against CRM 470
    • HbA1c methodologies on whole blood or hemolysate are NGSP-certified
  • Purified and concentrated antiserums
    • Long shelf-life (up to 5 years)
    • No risk of antigen excess on IgA, IgG, IgM

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    • ABX Pentra 400 Reagents



    ReferencesTestsFormulationContainer formatNumber of tests
    A11A01626ALP CPIFCCCassette125
    A11A01627ALT CPIFCCCassette250
    A11A01629AST CPIFCCCassette250
    A11A01628Amylase CPEPS-G7Cassette125
    A11A01632CK NAC CPIFCC/DGKCCassette125
    A11A01643CK-MB RTUNAC Immuno-inhibitionVial125
    A11A01630GGT CPSZAZ Carboxylated SubstrateCassette250
    A11A01824LDH CPDGKCCassette125
    A11A01871LDH IFC CPIFCCCassette125
    A11A01631Lipase CPColorimetricCassette100



    ReferenceDesignationFormulationContainer formatNumber of tests
    11A01664Albumin CPBromocresol GreenCassette327
    A11A01639Total Bilirubin CPDCACassette130
    A11A01635Direct Bilirubin CPDCACassette100
    A11A01633Calcium CPOCPCassette250
    A11A01894Calcium AZ III CPArsenazo IIICassette 250
    A11A01634Cholesterol CPChol. esterase / Chol. OxidaseCassette344
    A11A01636HDL, Direct CPPolyanionsCassette240
    A11A01638LDL, Direct CPDetergent / Chol Oxidase/ EsteraseCassette100
    A11A01645CO2 RTUUV EnzymaticVial200 (2x100)
    A11A01868Creatinine 120 CPJaffe/Alkaline PicrateCassette120
    A11A01907Creatinine EnzymaticEnzymatic MethodCassette120
    A11A01679FructosamineNBTVial600 (6x100)
    A11A01668Glucose PAP CPPeroxidaseCassette295
    A11A01667Glucose HK CPGlucose HexokinaseCassette200
    A11A01637Iron CPFereneCassette282
    A11A01721Lactic AcidLactate oxidase/PeroxidaseVial260 (10x26)
    A11A01646Magnesium RTUXylidyl BlueVial200 (2x100)
    A11A01665Phosphorus CPAmmonium Molybdate UVCassette100
    A11A01669Total Protein CPBiuretCassette300
    A11A01867Total Protein 100 CPBiuretCassette100
    A11A01640Triglycerides CPPAPCassette295
    A11A01670Uric Acid CPUricase/PeroxidaseCassette220
    A11A01641Urea CPGLDHCassette220
    A11A01642Urinary Proteins CPPyrogalol redCassette100

     Specific Proteins

    ReferenceDesignationFormulationContainer FormatNumber of tests
    A11A01687Apo A1TIAVial215
    A11A01688Apo BTIAVial300
    A11A01612ASO CPLatex TIACassette100
    A11A01611CRP CPLatex TIACassette200
    A11A01900Ferritin 2 CPLatex TIACassette100
    A11A01702HbA1C WBLatex TIAVial345
    A11A01623µ-Albumin CPTIACassette150
    A11A01904Myoglobin 2 CPLatex TIACassette100
    A11A01613RF CPLatex TIACassette100

     Auxiliary Reagents

    ReferenceDesignationFormulationContainer formatVolume
    A11A01655Accelerator I CPBufferCassette99 mL
    A11A01656Accelerator II CPBufferCassette99 mL
    A11A01730HbA1c WB Hemolysis ReagentHemolysingVial110 mL
    A11A01662Sample Diluent CPBufferCassette99 mL

    Calibrators and Controls


    ReferenceDesignationFormulationContainer Format
    A11A01652MultiCalLyo10 x 3 mL
    A11A01647HDL CalLyo2 x 1 mL
    A11A01678LDL CalLyo2 x 1 mL
    A11A01648CO2 CalRTU3 x 3 mL
    A11A01898TPU CalRTU3 x 3 mL
    A11A01616CRP CalRTU5 x 1 mL
    A11A01617ASO CalRTU4 x 1 mL
    A11A01619Ferritin CalRTU4 x 1 mL
    A11A01618RF CalRTU5 x 1 mL
    A11A01620Myoglobin CalRTU5 x 1 mL
    A11A01624µ-Alb CalRTU5 x 1 mL
    A11A01703HbA1c WB CalRTU1 x 8 mL + 5 x 2 mL
    A11A01698Protein CalRTU4 x 1 mL
    A11A01773Apo CalLyo2 x 1 mL
    A11A01680Fructo CalLyo3 x 1 mL


    ReferenceDesignationFormulationContainer Format
    A11A01653N ControlLyo10 x 5 mL
    A11A01654P ControlLyo10 x 5 mL
    A11A01786CK ControlLyo4 x 3 mL
    A11A01650CO2 ControlRTU3 x 3 mL
    A11A01621Immuno I Control L/HLyo1 x 3 mL + 1 x 3 mL
    A11A01622Immuno II Control L/HLyo1 x 3 mL + 1 x 3 mL
    A11A01625µ-Alb Control L/HRTU2 x 1 mL + 2 x 1 mL
    A11A01731Low CRP ControlRTU4 x 1 mL
    A11A01704HbA1c WB ControlLyo2 x 0.25 mL + 2 x 0.25 mL
    A11A01700Protein Control L/HRTU2 x 1 mL + 2 x 1 mL
    A11A01774Apo Control L/HLyo1 mL + 1 mL
    A11A01681Fructo Control NLyo3 x 1 mL
    A11A01682Fructo Control PLyo3 x 1 mL
    A11A01674Urine Control L/HRTU1 x 10 mL + 1 x 10 mL


    ReferenceDesignationFormulationContainer FormatCapacity
    A11A01717Standard 1RTUBottle280 mL
    A11A01718Standard 2RTUBottle100 mL
    A11A01901ReferenceRTUBottle280 mL
    A11A01769Etching CPRTUCassette25 mL